How to Optimize Your Fiber Optic Network

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If your location has a fiber optic network, you enjoy the high speeds and reliability of this form of internet. However, like anything, you may notice that your fiber optic network starts to slow down over time. Luckily, there are things you can do to optimize your network and maintain high speeds.

How to Optimize Your Fiber Optic Network

Before you start looking into the reasons behind your unstable fiber optic connection, start by shutting down any apps or software you’re not using on your device. These could be eating up your internet connection and slowing down the speed of your network. You should also disable automatic updates for software on your computer, as these can take up a large amount of internet speed in the background of your device. Once you’ve completed these steps, check to see if the condition of your connection has improved.

Next, if you have any internet-connected devices at your location that are not in active use, disconnect them. This will reduce possible interference on your network and improve the speed for the devices you use on a regular basis. You may also want to change your wi-fi channel, which can be done simply by restarting your router. When your router restarts, it will automatically choose a wi-fi channel that is less congested with other users.

If you are still experiencing slow internet speeds and want to know how to improve the use of your fiber optic network, we can help. Contact us at Network Connections today to learn more about optimizing your network and our solutions.