Fiber Optic Termination 101

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We at Network Connections have been working in the fiber optic industry for many years, and we have designed, installed, and maintained countless networks. You can turn to us to get the expert fiber optic services you need to keep your network in good working order. In this article, we will focus on fiber optic termination, giving you an overview of what this term means and why it is an important part of network design.

Fiber Optic Termination 101

• Defining Fiber Optic Termination – First, allow us to explain what fiber optic termination means. This term refers to the process of connecting multiple fiber optic cables together or connecting them to transceivers. If you need to connect several individual cables together to create a longer length, create a muti-branched cable, or connect your cables to any device, you will need fiber optic termination services.

• Methods of Fiber Optic Termination – There are two main methods of fiber optic termination. The first method involves using connectors to hold the ends of each fiber in place, precisely aligned with each other to allow light to pass from one to the other with minimal interruption. The second method involves using heat to physically fuse the ends of the separate fibers together, creating one continuous piece.

• Importance of Fiber Optic Termination – Fiber optic termination is a key part of network design, as you will need to create longer lengths of cable as well as branching paths between devices. Our team has extensive experience in this process, and you can count on us to take care of all your termination needs.