What is Point-to-Point Wireless?

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What is Point-to-Point Wireless? If you have ever tried to enhance or set up a network at your business’ location, you may have heard the term “point-to-point wireless.” These kinds of systems refer to data connection setups that exist between two end points, delivering wireless connectivity through an optical laser or radio waves.

Today, point-to-point wireless systems are used to connect sensors, CCTV cameras, buildings, devices, and anything else that requires reliable data connections. A point-to-point wireless setup can be used to provide a direct link for both long-range and short-range data connections.

When we set up point-to-point wireless connections here at Network Connections, we usually install a radio device or an antenna at both ends of the link. This device then gets connected to existing cabled infrastructure to achieve a wireless bridge between each point.

How far a wireless bridge can extend depends on how much data throughput you need, as well as the specific application. However, you can typically extend the distance of a connection device by daisy chaining or hopping. Additionally, the best wireless bridge for your location will depend on your specific application, your desired availability, and your throughput requirements.

If you are interested in setting up a point-to-point wireless system for your location, we are here to provide everything you need to ensure the success of this setup. To learn more about how point-to-point wireless systems work, or to get our experienced technicians on the job, simply give us a call to get in touch with us today.