Three Benefits of Ethernet Wiring [infographic]

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If you’ve ever been in a location where your wireless internet is less than reliable, then you know the frustration that comes with trying to find the best spot to get connected. This is a situation in which ethernet wiring could be a solution. Here are a few of the primary benefits of ethernet wiring for both homes and commercial businesses.

Three Benefits of Ethernet Wiring

  1. Reliable Connections- Depending on the location of your home or business, wireless connections may simply not be as reliable as they should. For example, the property may be in a location where wireless towers don’t have the best signal, or maybe the building itself is made of concrete or brick, which blocks strong wireless signals from entering. Ethernet wiring offers a more reliable solution when wireless is not readily available.
  2. Backup to Wireless- Maybe you have wireless connectivity, but you want to be sure you can always connect when you need to. Ethernet wiring offers a tried-and-true connection any time you need to connect your devices to the web. This also offers an opportunity to connect multiple devices in alternate ways, such as an ethernet connection for a computer while mobile devices use wireless connections.
  3. Residential & Commercial- Another benefit of ethernet wiring is that it is available for both residential and commercial use. Whether you need a backup to wireless for your home or you want to ensure faster internet speeds at your business, ethernet wiring offers solutions for multiple applications.

Three Benefits of Ethernet Wiring [Infographic]

If you’re interested in upgrading existing ethernet wiring or want to install a new system, contact us at Network Connections today. We look forward to providing you with connectivity solutions.