How to Maintain Your Fiber Network Connections

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Our team here at Network Connections has extensive experience in installing and maintaining fiber optic cabling, and we want to help you keep your network in good working order. In this article, we’ll go over a few best practices to maintain your fiber network connections.

How to Maintain Your Fiber Network Connections

• Cleaning – One of the biggest threats to your fiber optic cables is dirt particles—because each fiber is so tiny, dirt particles can damage the connections and negatively affect signal transmission. To protect your fiber network connections from the damaging effects of dirt, you should have your cables cleaned regularly. Our team has the right products to safely and effectively remove all dirt and dust without hurting the fibers in any way.

• Positioning – Another key thing to know about maintaining your fiber network connections is that you should never bend the cables too severely, particularly around the connection points. Fiber optic connections are more delicate than the cables themselves, so they can’t withstand severe twisting or pulling. We recommend keeping your cables in straight lines as much as possible.

• Innerducts – We also encourage you to have innerducts installed in your network in order to maintain your fiber network connections. Innerducts are large plastic tubes designed to protect your cables from twisting and pulling, and they are a highly effective way to keep your cables safe from stress. If you want to know more about innerducts or how to use them, simply give our team a call—we can provide the answers to any questions you may have.