How to Get the Best Results from Your Network Cabling

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Our team at Network Connections wants to help you get the high-speed, robust, and reliable internet connection that you need, whether you are using that connection to run a business or just to access entertainment at home. No matter what you use the internet for, you will need the right network cabling to access it with the speed and reliability you are looking for. Our team has extensive experience working with network cabling, and we have put together this article to provide a few tips on how to get the best results from yours.

What You Need to Know About Structured Cabling

Color Code Your Lines

One tip for getting better results from your network cabling is to color code the cables for various data streams or connections. You need to be able to tell at a glance which cables are meant to connect to which devices or outlets.

Label Everything

Similarly, it’s also good to label the various parts of your network just to further eliminate any confusion on what wires are going where, and for what purpose. We recommend labeling your cables with their termination location, termination method, and whether it is for an Ethernet port or a jack.

Cross at 90 Degrees

A third piece of advice that we want to offer about network cabling is that when you have to cross your cables, you should always do so at a 90-degree angle. Perpendicular crossings minimize the likelihood of interference between one cable and another, which makes for a more reliable internet connection.