Does Your Business Really Need Commercial Wi-Fi? [infographic]

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Many small businesses wonder if the extra expense of commercial wi-fi is really worth the money. Here at Network Connections, we would almost always recommend that businesses of any size purchase commercial wi-fi service instead of residential wi-fi service. Even if you operate a small business out of your home, it may be worth considering upgrading to commercial wi-fi. It could even be a tax-deductible business expense.

Does Your Business Really Need Commercial Wi-Fi?

If your business relies on an internet connection in any way, you are protecting your bottom line by investing in reliable, fast commercial wi-fi service. There are several reasons why commercial wi-fi is generally the best choice:

Better customer support: If you have a business account, you will generally have shorter wait times if you need customer support. You will also be prioritized for faster repairs when an issue arises.

  • Faster service: Because commercial wi-fi usually involves faster cabling, you can expect your internet speeds and bandwidth to be better than a residential system.
  • Static IP addresses: This feature enhances your network’s security, especially if you plan on hosting your own server or if you use virtual private networks (VPNs).
  • Dedicated internet lines: You won’t have to share your cabling with your neighbors, reducing the chance of your bandwidth disappearing right when you need it most.

Does Your Business Really Need Commercial Wi-Fi?

If your business is in a city or town, you will probably have access to some sort of cabling for your commercial wi-fi. This could be DSL, cable or even fiber optic lines. If you operate in a rural or remote area, you may have to consider satellite internet as an option to get the access you need to do business.