Wire Management for Fiber Optic Cabling [infographic]

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Our team at Network Connections has extensive experience in the fiber optic industry, and we are here to help you get the best results from your network. When it comes to fiber optic network design and maintenance, one key thing to consider is wire management. In this article, we will go over some key tips for wire management to help you keep your cables in great condition.

Wire Management for Fiber Optic Cabling

• Avoid Harsh Bends – Our first tip for wire management is to avoid bending your fiber optic cables too severely. While fiber optic cabling is pretty sturdy, the individual glass fibers will break when put under too much stress, which will interrupt the signal and make your network less effective at its job. We encourage you to keep any bends or curves as gentle as possible to avoid putting stress on the fibers.

• Keep the Cables Accessible – Our second tip for managing your fiber optic cabling is to make sure you can easily access the cables when you need to. While it’s wise to keep your fiber optic cables tucked out of the way for everyday use, it’s also important to be able to access the cables for things like repair, maintenance, and network expansion.

• Choose Efficient Cooling Methods – Lastly, when it comes to wire management for fiber optic cabling, cooling is essential. Make sure your cables and electronic equipment are spaced far enough apart to be able to vent hot air—otherwise your network as a whole will be less effective.

Wire Management for Fiber Optic Cabling