The Three Types of Network Cabling We Install [infographic]

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At Network Connections, we are your network cabling experts, and we can meet all your business’ cabling requirements and needs with precision and excellence. Although we are well-versed in many types of network cabling, the three types of cabling we deal with most often include:

1. Fiber optic cabling—Fiber optic network cabling offers fast, reliable, and efficient speeds. This type of cabling consists of glass cables, no larger than a strand of human hair, combined into a larger cable. Light is transferred through these cables, making them less susceptible to interference and interrupted connections.
The Three Types of Network Cabling We Install

2. Cat6 cabling—We recommend Cat6 cabling for most commercial applications today. If, for example, your business requires ultra-gigabit networking, you work with video or audio editing frequently, or you need to quickly transfer files within your office, Cat6 cabling may be the right fit for your location.

3. Cat5e cabling—Although Cat6 cabling has increased capabilities, Cat5e cabling is still sufficient for many applications today. Many business owners choose Cat5e cabling over Cat6 cabling because it is more cost-effective. If you don’t need incredibly high internet speeds within your workspace, Cat5e cabling may be a good fit.

The Three Types of Network Cabling We Install

Whatever type of data usage and connectivity speed requirements your business has, we can provide the right network cabling solution. For more information about any of these types of cabling or our capabilities, reach out to us today.