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Bring the convenience of wireless technology to your business.

More and more consultants, IT managers, and end users prefer the benefits and convenience of wireless networking technology. Not only is wireless networking being used at traditional office sites, but more businesses are making the switch when mobility is a key need for their organization. Regardless of your business’ unique operating environment, the success of your commercial wi-fi/wireless network rests heavily on proper setup.

Commercial Wi-Fi/Wireless in Mooresville, North Carolina

Choose us at Network Connections as your cabling contractor in Mooresville, North Carolina for superior consulting, design, and implementation of your commercial wi-fi/wireless network. Our wireless network solutions encompass wireless access point installation and setup, wi-fi hotspots, point-to-point wireless, outdoor broadband wireless, wireless VoIP, wireless video surveillance, and more.

Software and applications now require more bandwidth than ever before, so making your site wireless can enhance productivity and convenience for your team. With the right wireless network setup, your employees can easily use video and voice applications, and switch from their smartphone to laptop or tablet seamlessly.

Our role in this process is to make switching to or upgrading your wireless system a nondisruptive project that only enhances your operations. Carefully customizing a system for your site, we will make sure we meet the bandwidth and connectivity requirements of every user.

A lightning-fast, reliable wireless network starts by reaching out to us directly. We want to tell you more about enhancing the way you do business with a commercial wi-fi/wireless network setup, so contact us today.

At Network Connections, we offer commercial Wi-Fi/wireless services in Hickory, Mooresville, Statesville, and Asheville, North Carolina.


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